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I see threads for all kinds of people with injuries on here but nothing for amputees! I know there are other amputees on here, so share your stories and connect!

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  • I would say i prefer the wheelchair basically because with my disability my pelvis is shaped differently and so is my back so using prosthetics requires me to use crutches the whole time. Im slow and it gives me calluses on my hands and theyre just uncomfortable. Im sure i will get back in them every now and then for special occassions but as a main means of transportation nothing beats a good wheelchair. Im faster and dont get tired as much so its alot more convenient.
  • Question if i may. Me myself, being a paraplegic, people always ask me, if i could walk again, would I? My answer is always no because it would require to much time and set me back because i have become use to using a wheelchair to the point of where it seem natural. That being said, which do you prefer Nathan, prosthetic s or a wheelchair?

  • I will start off by saying I'm a bilateral amputee from around age 6. I was born with a rare type of PFFD that caused my bones to not grow right, and some were even missing, so I've never been "Normal" to public standards. My earliest picture was when I was 6 months old and I had on a cast in the picture. I don't remember a time during my childhood (birth-10) that I wasn't in a body cast or having some kind of surgery or recovering from some kind of surgery, however when I wasn't in the cast I was out playing with friends and getting into mischief. I also am missing 2 fingers from my left hand that never grew. I have learned to adapt my life to my surroundings. I am married and have a daughter and 2 step daughters and its funny bc my wife is a RN and everyone thinks I met her when I was her patient. I just laugh and tell them yeah she was my nurse and she fell in love!

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