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There will be no fingers pointed here, nor any blame place, but i do have an "invasive" question. What do most people think when they see an individual in a chair? "I wonder what happened"? "I bet life is hard"? I am just curious so i know what stigmas to try and rid people of.

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  • I live in Ocean Shores, WA.

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  • Where is your area Rich?

  • I am more curious about the chair.  :-)  One of the things I do is provide medical equipment to people in our area, free of charge, for as long as they need it, so I am always looking for new donated equipment or people who want something better than they have now.

    • Scratch that, i read it in your profile. So you just collect donations and give them to those that you see in need? Thats pretty awesome for a hobby. What made you start dong that. Me personally, i would have been naive to the wheelchair world had i never been put in one myself.

  • i try not to let it bother me.

    • Im not gonna lie Chirs, I had a random guy at walmart yesterday just walk up to me with his friends and said, "man i respect the h*ll outta this N*gga here". It made me feel kinda warm inside. Then i was like, wait, nvm.... lol

  • Well I know what crosses my mind, "Can he/she still have sex?"

    • Yes,

      It is important to note that  healthy sexuality involves warmth, tenderness, and love, not just genital contact. Still, erections and orgasms are the top issues after paralysis.

      Normally, men have two types of erections. Psychogenic erections result from prurient sights or thoughts and depend on the level and extent of paralysis. Men with complete parlaysis usually do not have psychogenic erections. A reflex erection occurs involuntarily by direct contact with the penis or other erogenous zones (ears, nipples, neck). Most paralyzed men are able to have a reflex erection unless nerves in the sacral spinal cord (S2-S4) are damaged.

      If men cannot sustain an erection for an extended time, their are numerous medical solutions.

      Generally speaking, sexual expression in the paralyzed female is less affected than in the male; it is physically easier for the woman to adapt or redefine her sexual role, albeit a passive one.

      Women with paraplegia or quadriplegia and of childbearing age usually regain their menstrual cycle; nearly 50 percent do not miss a single period following injury.

      Thanks for your question and willingness to ask

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