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  • I have the same colours ones as Matt has and I've been using them for about 7 years. They're great, fit ALMOST any vehicle, and I've even gotten forklift certified using them at work. They are not permanent and slip on and off easily, though you have to tighten them up quite frequently because I've had the gas one slip off several times (thank God it wasn't the Brake!). They were easy for me to learn to use, but keep in mind I've found ways to drive since I was like 10 driving my go-cart using a 2x4 lol. I'm a bilateral amputee so I don't have to worry about them hitting my legs or anything like that. I've also used golf clubs, umbrellas, and baseball bats to drive (yeah I live life on the wild side!). If anyone has other questions about this product I will try to help the best I can.


       Don't let Matthew fool you, he has used sticks, shovels and other objects to ride the lawn mower :)  But as far as the hand controls.... the portables come in handy but they make me nervous.  In order to use the portables, one needs to be very multi tasked and men do not usually fit that catagory :)  The push rocks are dependable and even if you need to tighten the bolts periodically, at least they are SAFE and MOM approved!

  • I have had the push rocks as well ascolours az-`1 portable hand controls. The push rocks are wayyyy easier to use and are ideal for permanent cars. But, the portable hand controls are great in my opinion because you can install them in less then 5 min with no tools. So whenever i am the DD or driving a friends car, they come in handy. All in all, i like both sets for their own reasons. Oh!, another positive of the portables, they are wayyyy cheaper than the push rocks. like $300 to $1200 comparison.

    Colours controls

    • But from a mom and her opinion..... the push rocks are wayyyy more reliable and seems less dangerous ;) 

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