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Made up reasons for your disability.

Have you ever just had one of those days when you don't want to talk about your disability, so you make up stories?

When there are those rude people that just drive you mad?

so you give stories like:

- I got trapped in a cave in

- I got frost bite  climbing Mt. Everest

- I jumped from a moving car

- I got shot in the leg.

I mean I tell them the truth afterwards, but it is nice to get away from the truth for awhile. Am I the only one who has done this?

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  • Yeah I've had lots of fun being an amputee. One time I was with my friends fishing off of a dock in the bay and a boat full of drunk fisherman started pulling up. We could see them from a good distance and tell they were drunk so he ran and got some Ketchup and I ripped my shorts up and put ketchup all over my legs and shorts and started screaming my head off. They hurried up to the dock and my friend was like "He just had his legs hanging in the water for a minute and a shark ate them!" the whole time I'm screaming and thrashing around. These dudes were panicking and didn't have a clue what to do (this was before cellphones were popular). We had a friggin blast but got cussed out big time when I couldn't help myself and busted out laughing. I've done several (dozen) pranks like this.

  • Lord knows I have heard my share of "stories" from my son...while he was in one of his joking moods.... things he tells others when they ask "WHAT HAPPENED"  And he can actually make you believe it!

  • Yup, been there, done/do that. I have been shot in the hood, roll down some stairs, tripped, and sometimes i reach really far.... like a big person sat on me. You would be surprised what some people believe. Oddly enough, being that i am older, most people ask me if i was in the army.

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