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Taser and a Disability

So i am curious..... I am 25, and my question is, what would happen if i tased my legs. A little more background. I am a t5 paraplegic with a spinal injury. I have no function or feeling from my chest down due to my spinal injury. That being said, could i take a taser with no adverse effects? Has anyone tried this yet?

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  • oh, dang, that would suck. Who knows, if i work up the courage to ever try it, i will surely make a video.

  • I believe that the entire body reacts, as the electricity doesn't need a working spinal cord to travel.  It is my understanding that the pain comes from all of the muscles contracting with their full strength.  Think of a full body charley horse.

  • Yes, I agree the legs would contract and that would be no problem to me. My question though, would the pain correlate to my upper body? I mean hey, if their is no pain, i may give it a try. I mean, i would walk or poop myself, which is worth a potential walk. I am being facetious as I am a complete btw.

  • I would think that as long as there are muscles, they will contract and stiffen.  It shouldn't matter whether you can feel them or not.  Similar to frog legs reacting to electric current, even if they are no longer attached to the frog.  :-)

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