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So lately my wheelchair has been giving me crap. It is just a sunrise medical chair provided by medicare, and most of the parts are made of plastic. It is not custom fitted to my body, I do not have a nice comfy cushion, and even the wheels are made of plastic. Here lately, every time I fold it up to put it in my vehicle, it cracks and pops. Shortly after getting it, the back broke so it has been tied together with a string. It just has not been the chair for me. I have never had a chair that fit my body, even though I've been without legs since age 6 and I've NEVER been able to walk on my own.

I haven't used a wheelchair this whole time though, for years I used prosthetics with crutches. After most of my life with those, through the pain and the calluses, I decided to get a wheelchair. I also had a baby coming into my life, so I needed the freedom to move around and be able to keep up with her without my hands being full all the time. The wheelchair provided me the freedom to carry her around the house, while still limiting my mobility. I have always just had the basic wheelchairs that insurance pays for. I also grew up mostly in the "able bodied" community, not around other disabled people. 

Recently, however, I found out that there IS a disabled community, and that there is someone who will custom build a wheelchair that will fit my body! Its also made of good reliable materials and less likely to break, and if it does break, its covered! How cool is that? Mike Box of is going to custom build me a chair that can be used as a WCMX chair as well as an every day chair. This will get me the mobility I need to get moving and do sports and other activities.

These chairs aren't cheap though, which is why we have launched the "Nate needs a wheelchair" campaign through Wells Fargo bank and . I will add the link at the bottom of the page. We have been making videos and traveling locally looking for sponsors and donors as well as posting it on all social media sites. My dream is to travel and become a mentor/public speaker and a chair like this will give me the ability to do that. I am mostly independant, but I cannot just scoot across the floor everywhere I go. 

Today, the 3rd day, I realized that my paypal account had been deactivated, so all of the donations that were going in through the website were bouncing back to the donors! This sucked, as over $200 was donated in just the first 2 days! I'm working frivolously to get this working though, and it should be back up in the next day or so. I'm also working on more blogs with my wife, and more day to day activities to get out in the community. My college is also planning some sort of fund raiser to help me as well. I'm active in the school and in the community, so hopefully that will help get the support.

If anyone needs anything at all, whether it be someone to talk to or some way to find the resources to help you succeed or get out there in the community, just give me a holler and I will point you where I can.

Thanks for reading.

Nathan Sanders

How to donate:

Go into any Wells Fargo bank and tell them you would like to deposit into the "NATHAN SANDERS WCMX account" in Brevard, NC


Go to

Hey while you're there, sign up for a free account and add me as a friend on there! 

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