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My life has been a rollercoaster with good and bad stories. From making it on a baseball team to being told you will never walk again. Have I ever let it get to me not once. I see myself like a role model showing people I never give up. My life until high school was hard and people looked at me if I need help all the time. Then I heard of a group of people that are equal in Houston County. The Sharks are a group of kids who show people everyone is equal. I joined them and I found out being in a chair is better than walking. I have giving myself the ability to shine if I want and I did. I been chosen to tell people how the sharks are not just a way for people to see you and feel like they need help. The sharks show people we don't need help we need support. I have talk with people from Washington DC to tell them why not let us show what we can do on and off the court. I told them we will fight until the horn sounds in sports and life. So can I be mad I cant get up and walk yes but I will never be mad. I have a reason  to be happy and that reason is I'm a shark. The sharks are happy to have strong wheeled to help show people we are not different.

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  • AMEN!!!!  I wish more people would get back to their compassionate ways and realize that just because one may have a disability, that makes them special and perhaps in more ways than others.  They have so much knowledge and appreciation of things that we all take for granted.  Life is so precious and I have acquired the respect for wheelchair bound people and the barriers (both in physical and mental form) that they endure on a daily basis.   

  • Nice to read your story bro, but for future story givers, check out the stories tab under forums

  • Now if we can get the Sharks to come along and share their stories, that would be awesome. Thanks for posting your story Mr. Presley

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